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Date Day Degree Subject Course Code Course Title
13-04-2012 FRI B.Sc Botany BOT-A31 Morphology Of Plants (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Computer Studies CSS-A31 Introduction To Information Technology & Computer Programming (Elec)
BA Education EDU-A31 Paper A (Elec)
BA English ENG-A31 English Literature Paper A (Elec)
BA German GER-A31 Paper A (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Home Economics HES-A31 Paper A (Elec)
BA Health and Physical Education HPE-A31 Physical Education (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Physics PHY-A31 Paper A (Elec)
BA Social Work SOW-A31 Pakistan Society Its Needs And Problums (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Statistics STA-A31 Paper A (Elec)
14-4-2012 SAT BA/B.Sc Aero Science ARO-A31 Aero-Engines (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Geography GEO-A31 Physical Geography (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Library Science LBS-A31 Paper A (Elec)
B.Sc Mathematics MTH-A31 Calculus And Analytic Geometry (Course A Elec)
BA Punjabi PJB-A31 Parcha Alif (Elec)
16-04-2012 MON BA English ENG-A11 Prose And Poetry (BA Comp)
B.Sc English ENG-A12 English (B.Sc. Comp)
17-4-2012 TUE BA Journalism JUR-A31 Paper A (Elec)
B.Sc Mathematics MTH-A32 Vector Analysis And Mechanics (Course B Elec)
BA Philosophy PHL-A31 Greek Philosophy (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Psychology PSY-A31 Gernal Psychology (Elec)
18-4-2012 WED B.Sc Chemistry CHM-A31 Physical Chemistry (Elec)
BA Islamic Studies ISS-A31 Paper A (Elec)
19-4-2012 THU B.Sc Botany BOT-A32 Plant Systematic Anatomy And Development (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Mathematics MTH-A33 Calculus, Differential And Integral Calculus (General Elec)
BA Political Science POL-A31 Principles Of Political Science (Elec)
20-4-2012 FRI B.Sc Chemistry CHM-A32 Inorganic Chemistry (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Economics ECO-A31 Basic Mathematics And Microeconomics (Elec)
BA Kashmiryat KSH-A31 Paper A (Elec)
21-4-2012 SAT BA Arabic ARB-A31 Lughat ul Arbia (Elec)
BA History HIS-A31 Paper A (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Physics PHY-A32 Paper B (Elec)
23-4-2012 MON BA Persian PER-A31 Prose (Elec)
BA Urdu URD-A31 Paper A (Elec)
24-4-2012 TUE BA/B.Sc Sociology SOC-A31 Gernal Sociology (Elec)
25-04-2012 WED BA Applied Psychology APS-A51 Applied Psychology (Opt)
BA Arabic ARB-A51 Arabic (Opt)
BA Communication Skills CMS-A51 Communication Skill (Opt)
BA Economics ECO-A51 Economics (Opt)
BA English ENG-A51 English Literature (Opt)
BA Geography GEO-A51 General Geography Of Pakistan (Opt)
BA Home Economics HES-A51 Home Economics (Opt)
BA History HIS-A51 History Of Islam From The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) To 1258 (Opt)
BA Islamic Studies ISS-A51 Islamic Studies (Opt)
BA Journalism JUR-A51 Journalism (Opt)
BA Kashmiryat KSH-A51 Kashmiryat (Opt)
BA Library Science LBS-A51 Library Science (Opt)
BA Mathematics MTH-A51 Mathematics Calculus ½ And Algebra ½ (Opt)
BA Persian PER-A51 Persian (Opt)
BA Philosophy PHL-A51 Philosophy (Opt)
BA Punjabi PJB-A51 Parcha Akihtiari (Opt)
BA Political Science POL-A51 Political Science (Opt)
BA Psychology PSY-A51 Psychology (Opt)
BA Sociology SOC-A51 Sociology (Opt)
BA Social Work SOW-A51 Social Work (Opt)
BA Statistics STA-A51 Statistics (Opt)
BA Urdu URD-A51 Urdu (Opt)
26-04-2012 THU B.Sc Botany BOT-B31 Cell Biology, Genetics And Evolution (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Computer Studies CSS-B31 Data Base Management System & Operating System And Networks (Elec)
BA/ Education EDU-B31 Paper B (Elec)
BA English ENG-B31 English Literature Paper B (Elec)
BA German GER-B31 Paper B (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Home Economics HES-B31 Paper B (Elec)
BA Health and Physical Education HPE-B31 Health Education (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Physics PHY-B31 Paper C (Elec)
BA Social Work SOW-B31 Social Work Theory And Practice (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Statistics STA-B31 Paper B (Elec)
27-4-2012 FRI BA/B.Sc Aero Science ARO-B31 Navigation (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Geography GEO-B31 Human And Regional Geography (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Library Science LBS-B31 Paper B (Elec)
B.Sc Mathematics MTH-B31 Linear Algebra And Differential Equations (Course A Elec)
BA Punjabi PJB-B31 Parcha Bay (Elec)
28-4-2012 SAT BA Journalism JUR-B31 Paper B (Elec)
B.Sc Mathematics MTH-B32 Mathematical Methods, Group Theory And Metrics Space (Course B)
BA Philosophy PHL-B31 Option (I) Ethics: Or Option (Ii) Muslim Philosophy (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Psychology PSY-B31 Abnormal /Social /Industrial /& Criminal Psychology (Elec)
30-4-2012 MON BA English ENG-B11 Grammar And Composition (BA Comp)
2/5/2012 WED B.Sc Botany BOT-B32 Physiology And Ecology (Elec)
BA/B.Sc Mathematics MTH-B33 Mathematical Methods: Geometry, Infinite Series, Complex Number, Vector, Linear Algebra And Differential Equations (General Elec)
BA Political Science POL-B31 Government And Politics In U.K. U.S.A, Switzerland And Pakistan (Elec)
3/5/2012 THU B.Sc Chemistry CHM-B31 Organic Chemistry (Elec)
BA Islamic Studies ISS-B31 Paper B (Elec)
4/5/2012 FRI BA/B.Sc Economics ECO-B31 Macroeconomics And Economic Development Of Pakistan (Elec)
BA Kashmiryat KSH-B31 Paper B (Elec)
5/5/2012 SAT BA Arabic ARB-B31 Al Adab ul Arbi (Elec)
BA History HIS-B31 Paper B (Elec)
7/5/2012 MON BA Persian PER-B31 Poetry (Elec)
BA Urdu URD-B31 Paper B (Elec)
8/5/2012 TUE BA/B.Sc Sociology SOC-B31 Sociological Theory, Research And Social Problems (Elec)
9/5/2012 WED BA/B.Sc Ethics ETH-A11 Ethics (Comp)
BA/B.Sc Islamic Studies ISS-A11 Islamic Studies (Comp)
10/5/2012 THU BA/B.Sc Pakistan Studies PKS-A11 Pakistan Studies (Comp)


Date Day Degree Subject Course Code Course Title
14-5-2012 MON B.Sc Botany BOT-A71 Diversity Of Plants (Prac)
BA/B.Sc Computer Studies CSS-A71 Introduction To Information Technology & Computer Programming (Prac)
BA/B.Sc Home Economics HES-B71 Home Economics (Prac)
BA Health and Physical Education HPE-B71 Physical Education & Health Education (Prac)
BA/B.Sc Library Science LBS-A71 Library Science (Prac)
BA/B.Sc Pyhsics PHY-B71 Pyhsics (Prac)
BA Social Work SOW-B71 Practicals Field Work Practice (Prac)
BA/B.Sc Statistics STA-B71 Statistics Viva-Voce (Prac)
15-5-2012 TUE B.Sc Botany BOT-A72 Plant Systematic Anatomy And Development (Prac)
BA/B.Sc Computer Studies CSS-B71 Data Base Management System & Operating System And Networks (Prac)
BA/B.Sc Library Science LBS-B71 Library Science (Prac)
BA/B.Sc Physics PHY-B71 Physics B (Prac)
BA/B.Sc Psychology PSY-B71 Experimental Psychology And Statisctics (Prac)
16-5-2012 WED BA/B.Sc Geography GEO-B71 Map Work And Practical (Prac)
17-5-2012 THU B.Sc Botany BOT-B71 Cell Biology, Genetics And Evolution (Prac)
18-5-2012 FRI B.Sc Botany BOT-B72 Physiology And Ecology (Prac)
21-5-2012 MON B.Sc Chemistry CHM-A72 Inorganic Chemistry (Prac)
22-5-2012 TUE B.Sc Chemistry CHM-B71 Organic Chemistry (Prac)
23-5-2012 WED B.Sc Chemistry CHM-A71 Physical Chemistry (Prac)
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  9 Responses to “GC University, Faisalabad.TENTATIVE DATE SHEET FOR BA/B.Sc COMPOSTIE 1ST ANNUAL EXAMINATION – 2012”

  1. p;z i dont understand ur date sheet again send me my datesheet my sebject english,ps.is.is(elective)and punjabi.plz send me my date sheet 4 god say

  2. plz yar b.com part 1 ky date sheet to bta dna g.c universty…!!!!!!

  3. PLz Plz send the Date Sheet of 4th year for the badge of 2012…………..

  4. pleas kab date sheet karo gay sir geeeeeeeeeeee

  5. Plz tell me, when will you announce date sheet of B.A Composite (2013)
    any tentative date ?

  6. please 2013 ki datesheet lga do

  7. Assalam o alaikum.!
    Gyzz.! GC Univeristy ki B.A 2013 date sheet k lye GC ki ye wali Site par jaye..
    Click this link..
    & Select:
    Tentative Date Sheet for BA-BSc Composite 1st Annual Examination 2013
    Join me on skype & F.B: Prince.saahil@ymail.com


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