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August, 2012 |
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PMDC declines to recognise medical degrees from Bangladesh

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) appears in no mood to recognise the MBBS and BDS degrees achieved by Pakistani students from Bangladeshi medical institutions through the SAARC Students Exchange Programme, our sources has learnt.

In the absence of recognition, MBBS degree holders have to appear in the PMDC's National Examination Board(NEB), which is a lengthy process, very inconvenient and injustice to the students who go to study in Bangladesh after passing through the National Testing Service (NTS).

As many as 80 Pakistani students currently studying at different state-run medical and dental colleges in Bangladesh on the SAARC seats have jointly appealed to the PMDC for an exemption from the NEB.

Each year, the government sends 12 students to Bangladesh for medical education, but the PMDC does not recognise their degrees. The students cannot join any health institution for internship or house-job after graduation until they appear in the NEB examination. They have to wait for six months to appear in the NEB examination after completion of their degrees, and the examination itself lasts over six months, which wastes one year of thesestudents.(pak tribune)

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Separate medical colleges demanded for boys

KARACHI: President Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Karachi, Dr Idrees Adhi on Wednesday stressed the need for establishing separate medical colleges for boys in the country.

This he said while addressing a hurriedly called press conference at PMA House here.

He said there are 130 dental and medical colleges allover the country at the moment, out of which six are especially allocated for female students, while the rest of the 124 medical colleges are imparting the education to the students getting admissions on the open merit according to a decision taken by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 1991, he added.

He said almost 75 per cent of female students are getting admitted to medical colleges of public and private sector.

This has resulted in an acute shortage and dearth of male doctors in the country, he added.

Dr Idrees Adhi said as most of these female doctors after graduating, do not practice due to their family and other commitments.

Because of law and order situation, female doctors do not go to serve in rural areas, he said.

He said that this situation had created a big vacuum as far as the health delivery system of this country was concerned.

He said that PMA was not against the education of female students but we have to collectively analyse the situation in the larger interest of the country and nation.

General Secretary PMA Karachi Dr Qazi Wasiq, Treasurer PMA Centre Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad and Secretary General PMA Centre Dr Mirza Ali Azha were also present on the occasion. app

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5,000 Pakistani students in UK face deportation in 60 days

UK government likely to launch crackdown on educational institutions

By Asif Mehmood

LONDON: The future of thousands of Pakistani students studying in British universities and colleges is at stake as they are likely to be deported in 60 days.

More than 5,000 Pakistani students are at risk of losing their “right to remain” if British institutions were stripped of their ability to educate the people from outside the European Union (EU). The British home secretary is considering a crackdown on the UK universities and colleges, which would remove their right to sponsor visas.

London Metropolitan University Vice Chancellor Malcolm Gillies has denied the allegations that the university is a “threat to immigration control” and warned that the decision could harm Britain’s reputation abroad. But desperate student are already trying to join rival universities. Many of them have spent thousands of pounds to study in the UK and fear that they would never be able to return once they leave the country. Muhammad Saeed, 22, of London School of Finance and Accountancy has one semester left but will be unable to complete his degree if he loses his visa. He has already cancelled a trip to Pakistan, fearing he will not be allowed to come back.

Wajid Ali, another Pakistani student, said, “I am also on the university’s governing body — if I am forced to leave the country, the students would lose their representation. The students are all panicking as this news is causing a lot of stress in them.”

Professor Gillies said the decision would leave a £30 million hole in London Metropolitan University's finances, nearly a fifth of its annual budget. It will also cost the wider London economy £75 million, he said. He warned that the future of 30,000-student university is at risk. A number of private higher colleges have already closed following crackdowns on bogus students. He indicated that the university would fight back. “I am not going to say that we accept what is stated in the letter sent to us revoking our licence. We are currently doing a full analysis of the letter and working with best lawyers,” he said.

Talking to Daily Times, National Union of Pakistani Students President Hashim Assad expressed concern over the recent change in rules by the British government. He said that 60-day ultimatum to Pakistani students was not fair. The UK Border Agency (UKBA) should ask the universities to create spaces and accommodate legitimate students on priority basis. Assad, a law student at Queen Mary University of London, said, “The UKBA has given very short time to the students. It is very difficult to arrange all documents to change the college and university. This is injustice to the students who came here rightfully.” Assad demanded the Pakistani government take action against the agents mafia and consultants who were misguiding the students after getting huge amounts in shape of consultation fee. He said that there should be a crackdown against agents and consultants who have got different schemes for innocent students.

The agents get their commissions but do not scrutinise the institutions, which are in limbo. The Pakistan High Commission in London should enhance the programme it runs to address the issues faced by Pakistani students, he added. Talking to Daily Times, Association of Pakistani Lawyers Chairman Barrister Amjad Malik said, “The enquiries are in hundreds and I am currently dealing with around 10 cases where students suffered on account of college closure.”

Colleges losing licences are refusing to pay the students’ fees and new colleges reluctant to issue new Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies letter. The student community is stuck in the system, which is already crying over spilt milk, but those who can make choice are leaving for Canada and Australia considering them a better hospitable and ideal destinations for foreign students.

Malik said the changes in law should be fair, proportionate and just. It will be sad state of affairs if South Asians, especially Pakistanis, are systematically restricted. The British government has every right to restrict those undesired element, and regulate those who come for shorter periods so that they return in time, but unwelcoming message will affect economy, tourism, and education industry. You may be unwelcoming to one category, but the implications will be felt across, he added. Britain's Immigration Minister Damian Green said there had been a “serious systematic failure” at the university. He said it proved to be a “very, very deficient” sponsor because more than a quarter of students sampled were studying there when they did not have permission to stay in the country.(daily times)


Anti-dengue campaign : Half-sleeve shirts, shorts banned in schools, colleges

19 dengue cases confirmed; 1,127 suspected cases reported

* CM orders foolproof arrangements for Anti-Dengue Day on Sept 2

Staff Report

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif has imposed a ban on wearing of half-sleeve shirts and shorts in educational institutions as a precautionary measure against dengue.

At least 19 dengue cases have been confirmed in Punjab, while 1,127 suspected cases have been reported. According to a report by the Punjab Health Department, out of the 1,127 cases, 81 have a high probability of being confirmed as positive.

Addressing a meeting of provincial anti-dengue committee on Thursday, the CM said that Anti-Dengue Day would be enthusiastically observed throughout Punjab on September 2. He said that all government offices, departments and institutions would remain open that day. He warned that any laxity or negligence in the ongoing campaign against dengue would not be tolerated and stern action would be taken against those found guilty.

The CM constituted a six-member steering committee comprising MPAs to ensure observance of Anti-Dengue Day and said that the said committee would monitor all arrangements for the day.

He directed that seminars, walks and workshops should be held on the day while students should especially be motivated to participate in this national cause. He also directed that committees, consisting of parents, should be constituted to monitor dengue arrangements at schools and colleges while elected representatives and government officers must also step into the field along with the public.

Shahbaz said that coordinated and collective efforts were necessary for dengue’s elimination, and directed all government and private institutions to involve their respective focal persons in the anti-dengue campaign. Private schools and hospitals should also be asked to maintain cleanliness and make foolproof anti-dengue arrangements, he added.

The CM further directed that additional instruments should be installed for shredding of old tyres in a proper manner, while arrangements should also be made for cleaning scrap houses. He gave direction for immediate fogging and fumigation at places that were likely to serve as breeding grounds for dengue mosquito.

Taking strict notice of non-removal of construction debris, the CM reprimanded the authorities concerned and ordered immediate lifting of the debris.

He said that all departments should play an active role in combating dengue and their performance should be reflected at the union council level.

Taking strict notice of the “fake action” at some points by dengue helpline staff, Shahbaz directed that the performance shown by the helpline during the previous year ought to be maintained. He further ordered recruitment of entomologists for dengue eradication and said that special attention should be paid to the training of volunteers. He also ordered special monitoring of water disposal and sanitation arrangements in cooperative housing societies.

The CM also directed to ensure implementation of anti-dengue measures in railway colony and institutions run by the federal government.

Giving a briefing to the CM, the health secretary said that anti-dengue arrangements had been finalised and, as compared to the previous years, the situation this year was under control. Medical expert Dr Faisal Masood said that dengue virus had not spread because of timely steps taken by the Punjab government, whereas all anti-dengue arrangements had already been completed in hospitals.(Daily Times)


1,000 schools denied funds revalidation



PUNJAB government has refused to revalidate lapsed funds of around Rs 2.5 billion of Punjab School Education Department, putting in trouble over 1,000 schools across the province waiting for upgrade and provision of missing facilities.


Around Rs 1.2 billion out of Rs 6.4 billion released for upgrade of schools and provision of missing facilities across the province had lapsed in fiscal year 2011-2012 while the remaining over Rs 1.3 billion had lapsed out of around Rs 5.7 billion released for the same purpose in fiscal year 2010-2011.


Sources privy to the developments informed The News that the Schools Department had recently moved a summary to the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, seeking revalidation of the lapsed fund so that the same could be utilised to execute different development schemes. But it was denied by implementation secretary at the CM’s Secretariat, Fawad Hassan Fawad.


They added that the implementation secretary at the CM’s Secretariat denied the revalidation of funds on behalf of the chief minister citing poor utilization of the funds as reason for this denial.


Sources further said the denial on part of Punjab government had upset the Schools Department as contractors in various districts had already stopped working on development schemes while the provision of missing facilities to public schools was also badly hampered owing to the unavailability of funds.


They also said around 400 schools waiting for upgrade were being affected while the remaining around 600 schools were now facing troubles vis-à-vis provision of missing facilities. However, officials of Schools Department claim that the funds had lapsed owing to late releases and other official hiccups.


While remaining anonymous, they also expressed fear that the government now might divert these funds to other development projects by showing the same as saving in the provincial exchequer.


The officials further said earlier the government used to place the funds in Account-IV which was non-lapsable however for the last some years the funds were being placed in Special Drawing Account (SDA) which was lapsable.


When contacted, Punjab Minister for Education Mian Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman confirmed the development, saying there was some objection owing to which the funds could not be revalidated.


He, however, said the amount would be revalidated soon and would be allocated to the Schools Department.(The news)


اگر کنٹرولر امتحانات خود اپنی یونیورسٹی کا طالبعلم ہو تو کیا ہو گا

تفصیلات کے مطابق بہاؤدین زکریا یونیورسٹی کے کنٹرولر امتحانا ت نے فاصلاتی نظام تعلیم کے تحت اپنی ہی یونیورسٹی میں ایل ایل بی میں داخلہ لیا ہوا ہے دوسرے سمسٹر کے رزلٹ میں موصوف کی دوسری پوزیشن ہے۔ دوسری طرف کنٹرولر کی اہلیہ بھی ایم اے اسلامیات کی طالبعم ہیں ان کی اول پوزیشن آئی ہے۔ یونیورسٹی اور اہل علم حلقوں میں اس کو شک کی نگاہ سے دیکھا جا رہا ہے۔


داؤد انجينئرنگ کالج ميں پرنسپل کي عدم تعيناتي کي وجہ سے چار شعبے رجسٹريشن سے محروم

کراچي (محمد عسکري … اسٹاف رپورٹر) صوبائي حکومت کي عدم توجہ اور مستقل پرنسپل تعينات نہ ہونے کي وجہ سے داؤد انجينئرنگ کالج کے 4 شعبوں کمپيوٹر سسٹم انجينئرنگ، انرجي اينڈ انوائرمنٹ انجينئرنگ، ٹيلي کميونيکيشن انجينئرنگ اور پيٹروليم اينڈ گيس انجينئرنگ کو پاکستان انجينئرنگ کونسل کي جانب سے رجسٹريشن نہيں مل سکي جس کے باعث چار شعبوں کے طلبہ کا مستقبل غير محفوظ ہوگيا ہے?يہ 4 شعبے سابق قائم مقام پرنسپل پروفيسر جٹھيال کي جانب سے ڈھائي سال قبل قائم کئے گئے تھے مگر اساتذہ کي عدم دستيابي اور ليبارٹريز کے علاوہ مطلوبہ سہولتيں نہ ہونے کي وجہ سے ان چار شعبوں کو پاکستان انجينئرنگ کونسل نے رجسٹريشن نہيں دي? داؤد انجينئرنگ کونسل کے قائم مقام پرنسپل ڈاکٹر محمد علي شيخ نے کہا کہ داؤد کالج کا اصل مسئلہ مستقل پرنسپل کي تعيناتي ہے? يہ 4 شعبے سابق قائم مقام پرنسپل جٹھيال کے دور ميں قائم ہوئے اور مطلوبہ اساتذہ اور ليبارٹريز نہ ہونے کے باوجود ان ميں داخلے بھي دے ديئے گئے جب ميں نے چارج سنبھالا تو ان چار شعبوں ميں کچھ اساتذہ کا تقرر کيا، ليبارٹريز بھي بنائيں اور فنڈز کے لئے سيلف فنانس داخلوں کي رقم استعمال کي ليکن پھر بھي مطلوبہ سہولتيں نہ ہونے پر پاکستان انجينئرنگ کونسل نے اعتراض کر ديا ہے اور اسي وجہ سے ان چاروں شعبوں کو کونسل کي جانب سے رجسٹريشن نہيں ملي? ڈاکٹر محمد علي شيخ نے کہا کہ گزشتہ 5 سال سے داؤد کالج ميں کوئي مستقل پرنسپل نہيں ہے? وہ خود چيف سيکرٹري کو مستعفي ہونے کا خط لکھ چکے ہيں مگر ان کا استعفي? قبول نہيں کيا جا رہا جنگ 

گرومندر پر واقع سرکاري اسکول کي عمارت مخدوش قرار ،يہاں 12 سو طلبہ زير تعليم ہيں

کراچي (محمد عسکري/ اسٹاف رپورٹر) کراچي بلڈنگ کنٹرول اتھارٹي نے گرومندر پر واقع سرکاري اسکول کي عمارت کو مخدوش قرار ديتے ہوئے تالا ڈال ديا? اس اسکول کي عمارت ميں دو شفٹوں ميں چار اسکول چل رہے ہيں جن ميں صبح و شام ميں سيکنڈري و پرائمري اسکول شامل ہيں جن ميں طلبہ کي تعداد 12 سو سے زائد ہے? کراچي بلڈنگ کنٹرول اتھارٹي جمشيد ٹاؤن کے تحت چيفرہرسٹ گورنمٹ بوائز سيکنڈري و پرائمري اسکول ميں تالا لگا ديا گيا ہے جس وجہ اسکول کي عمارت کا مخدوش ہونا بتائي گئي? تالے کے ساتھ ہي بلڈنگ کنٹرول اتھارٹي نے نوٹس بھي چسپاں کرديا ہے? اس سلسلے ميں صوبائي محکمہ تعليم اور ڈائريکٹر اسکولز کو بھي اعتماد ميں نہيں ليا گيا? ڈي او سيکنڈري اينڈ ہائر سيکنڈري ميل جبار ڈايو نے ”جنگ“ کو بتايا کہ بلڈنگ کنٹرول اتھارٹي نے بلاجواز اسکول کو سيل کيا? ہم نے سيل توڑ دي ہے، اسکول کي عمارت ميں کچھ پرانے کمرے ہيں جو ہمارے استعمال ميں نہيں ہيں، چند سال قبل ہي نئے کمرے تعمير ہوچکے ہيں جن ميں کلاسيں لي جاتي ہيں ليکن بلڈنگ کنٹرول اتھارٹي نے پرانے کمروں کو جواز بنا کر سيکنڈري اور پرائمري اسکول کے ہيڈ ماسٹرز کے دفاتر پر تالے ڈالے جنہيں توڑ ديا گيا ہے کيونکہ 31 اگست کو موسم گرما کي تعطيلات ختم ہورہي ہيں اور اسکول کھل رہے ہيں لہ?ذا ہم طلبہ کي تعليم ميں کسي بھي قسم کي رکاوٹ برداشت نہيں کرسکتے? انہوں نے بتايا کہ 12 سو سے زائد طلبہ دو شفٹوں ميں تعليم حاصل کر رہے ہيں اور صبح ميں پرائمري و سيکنڈري اور دوپہر ميں بھي پرائمري و سيکنڈري اسکول چلتے ہيں? کراچي بلڈنگ کنٹرول اتھارٹي کي خاتون  ترجمان سے رابطہ کيا تو انہوں نے کہا کہ وہ پير کو ہي اس سلسلے ميں تفصيلات بتا سکتي ہيں    جنگ 

Govt urged to form HEC-type body for schools

LAHORE: A committee of the commission, which was formed to implement Article 25-A of the constitution for compulsory free education, has urged the Punjab government to establish a commission for regularising school education similar to the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The committee met for consultation with stakeholders and public hearings under the chairmanship of Justice (r) Khalilur Rehman Khan at the Children Library Complex on Thursday.

MNA Saira Afzal Tarar, School Education Secretary Aslam Kamboh and officials from the Education Department were also present on the occasion.

Talking to journalists, committee Chairman Justice Rehman said according to the 18th Amendment, the basic education was now the responsibility of provinces. He said Article 25-A states, “The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to 16 years in such manner as may be determined by law.” Therefore, he said the Punjab government had formed a 20-member commission to come up with a proposed law for implementation of Article 25-A.

He said that after the consultation with all stakeholders, the commission would represent its report to chief minister next month. He hoped for the approval of the law regarding free education from the current assembly before the next general elections.

While giving suggestions, he said that school enrollment before the age of seven should be made compulsory as the article bound government to teach the children from age five to 16. He said that the commission would also suggest establishment of a permanent commission for school education just like the Higher Education Commission, which would work for increase in the quality of school education in province.

Justice Rehman revealed that the criteria for upgrading public sector schools would also be part of the commission’s suggestions. The criteria to upgrade would help Education Department to spent equal amount on the every student per year, he said, adding that currently more than Rs 14,000 per year is being spent on every child in Punjab.

About the role of media, he said that media should play a vital role in creating awareness among masses about their fundamental right of free education. He also appealed to the media to create pressure to form political will to make law for ensuring free education. He further said that commission was also in contact with opposition leaders Raja Riaz and Chaudhry Zaheeruddin to solve issues with consensus.(Daily Times)


Old is gold

RAWALPINDI - Punjab School Education Service (SES) Teachers Association has demanded an increase in the age limit of male teachers against 35 years set by the Punjab Education Department (PED).
The PED had fixed the maximum age of 35 years for male educators and 38 years for female educators during the induction of teachers on vacant positions in Chakwal district.
Punjab SES Teachers Association Rawalpindi district office bearers Chaudhry Zaffar Mehmood, Chaudhry Safdar, Qazi Noor Islam and Muhammad Tayyab showed discontent over the department’s decision and said that males had to administer their households and their age limit should be extended up to 40 years.
They demanded from the PED to review the decision and extend the age limit for the male teachers.( Pakistan Today)