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ENTRANCE EXAMINATION (11TH CLASS) 2012                Marks: 50


Roll No:                                                                      Name:                                                                                     







QNo3 (30)








Paper :Chemistry

(Use same sheet for answers)

Q No. 1.          Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                                                                                 (10)

i).                                 number of atoms are present in 18g H2O.

ii).        The sum of proton and neutron present in the nucleus of an atom is called                           .

iii).       Ionization energy                                 from left to right in the periodic table.

iv).       Hydrogen attains the electronic configuration of                                atom during bond formation.

v).        A substance may be separated from a mixture on solubility basis by a process called             .

vi).       Alkali metals hydrides are powerful                            agent.

vii).      Chlorine gas when passed through water, hydrochloric acid and                               is formed.

viii).     Graphite is                                conductor of electricity.

ix).       Metallic oxides are also called                                     oxides.

x).        In homologous series, the difference in the formulae of two adjacent member is                            


Q No. 2.          Choose the correct choice for the following statements.                                                         (10)

i).         Enthalpy is more in case when water is                                  .

a). at 25oC                   b). 100oC         c).ice                d).  steam

ii).        A strong acid is one which                                         .

a).  is more concentrated         b). have smaller pH value

c). dissociate completely in water       d). Change blue litmus to red

iii).       oxidation in electrolysis always occurs at                              

a). anode         b). cathode      c). any one electrode   d). none of these

iv).       The solubility of sugar in water increases with increase in                                          .

a). pressure                  b).  addition of sugar              c).   temperature          d). All these

v).        The state of matter is inter convertible by changing                                      

a). temperature            b). pressure                  c). both a and b           d). none of these

vi).       Brine is the aqueous solution of                                             

a). NaNO3       b). Na2CO3      c).NaCl            d). Na2SO4

vii).      The purest form of iron is                                            .

a). pig iron       b). wrought iron          c). steel            d). all these

viii).     Chlorine forms phosgene gas with                                          .

a). Methane     b). Ammonia               c).carbon monoxide    d). water

ix).       Which of the following is poison to catalyst in contact process                    

a). Lead                       b). Arsenic                   c).Tin               d). Iron oxide

x).        The chemical formula of magnetic oxide is                            .

a). FeO                        b). Fe2O3                     c).Fe3O4                              d).Fe2O3 . 2H2O

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Q No. 3.          Give brief answers to the following.                                                                        (3×10=30)

a).        Define :

Hypothesis:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Theory:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


b).        Write the electronic configuration of Cl17 , K19  and Mg12.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        c).            What do you mean by electron affinity?


d).        Draw dot and cross structure of                  i). CO2             ii).CH4 iii). NH3


e).        Give difference between solution and suspension.


Page – 3 / 3

f).        Give three chemical properties of hydrogen.


g).        Differentiate between hard water and heavy water.


h).        Calculate the number of molecules and atoms in 171 gram of C12H22O11.


j).         How will you test Chloride, Bromide and iodide in laboratory?


k).        Write complete and balance equation.                                                                   


i).         Cu +   H2 SO4aq


ii).        NH3    +   O2


iii).       pbS+  O3





 Page – 1 / 2


ENTRANCE EXAMINATION (11TH CLASS) 2012                Marks: 50


Roll No:                                                                      Name:                                                                                     





QNo1 (05)

QNo 2 (06)

QNo 3 (06)

QNo 4


QNo 5


QNo 6 (15)












Paper :English

(Use same sheet for answers)

Q No. 1.          Fill in the blanks with proper Prepositions.                                                            (05)

i).         I have no faith                                      him.

ii).        He is like a brother                   me.

iii).       Your father is fed up                           you.

iv).       Is he not                       the committee?

v).        Everyone craved                      happiness.

vi).       A good book gives us food                 thought.

vii).      He is amateur                           singing.

viii).     Food is necessary                                 life.

ix).       She burst                      tears.

x).        His health is improving day                            day.


Q No. 2           Change the Narration                                                                                                           (06)

i).         I said to him, “ What was your next plan?”


ii).        The teacher said, “ Two and two do not make five.”


iii).       They proposed that we should play cricket


Q No. 3.          Change the Voice.                                                                                                                 (06)

i).         Must you be deceived by us?


ii).        Who drives your car?


iii).       I have thrown away your letter.



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Q No. 4.          Do as directed                                                                                                                        (08)

i).         In Iran the                    dress is white.                                                ( bridal , bridle )

ii).        You are junior                         Hameed.                                  ( to , than )

iii).       If I                    worked hard, I would have passed                ( had , would have )

iv).       He was absent from the class.                                                 ( Change into Past  Perfect )


v).        He saw the                   of the drowned man.                                     ( corpse , corps )

vi).       They spoke about your                         policy.                                                ( dual , duel )

vii).      Two and two                            four.                                                   ( make , makes )

viii).     No sooner did he hear the noise                                                         ( Complete it )


Q No. 5.          Translate into English                                                                                                           (10)











Q No. 6.          Write a letter to the editor of   “The News ”   suggesting how to solve the problem of load-shedding in our Country.                                                                                                                                    (15)











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ENTRANCE EXAMINATION (11TH CLASS) 2012                Marks: 50


Roll No:                                                                      Name:                                                                                     





QNo2 (05)

QNo 3 (05)

QNo 4 (05)

QNo 5 (10)

QNo 6 (05)

QNo 7 (05)

















Paper :Physics

(Use same sheet for answers)

Q No. 1.          Choose the correct answer from the options given below for each statement.                     (10)

i).         │A │represents                                               .

a). vector quantity       b). magnitude of vector quantity        c). direction     d). both b and c

ii).        A car starts from rest and moves with acceleration of 1 m/s2. How much distance is covered in 2 sec                         .

a)       2m                        b).   4m                        c).   1m                        d).   ½ m

iii).       A cube with sides 2 cm long is made from a material of density 8 g/cm3, then mass of the cube is


a).   4 g                        b).16 g                         c).32 g             d).   64 g

iv).       Orbital velocity for satellite is                                      .

a).                           b).                           c).                         d).

v).        The product of frequency and time period is equal to                                                 .

a).   V                          b).  λ                           c).   0                           d).   1

vi).       If a force of 2 N acts upon the axis of rotation of an object then torque becomes                .

a).   0 Nm                    b).   2 Nm                    c).4 Nm                       d).   3 Nm

vii).      Time period of simple pendulum is directly proportional to                            .

a)      mass                      b).   length                   c). acceleration due to gravity       d). none of these

viii).     Whenever a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field,                        is produced.

a). force           b). current        c). voltage       d).   none of these

ix).       Electric field intensity is                      quantity.

a). scalar          b). vector        c). base            d). none

x).        No change in magnetic flux causes                             .

a). current        b). voltage drop           c). power consumed                d). none


Q No. 2.          Fill in the blanks.                                                                                                                   (10)

i)                    The slope of a straight line of Distance – Time graph represents                               .

ii)                  The product of mass and velocity is called                                                                  .

iii)                If a force does work on a body, the body must                                                          .

iv)                The see-saw is an example of lever of                                                               kind.

Page – 2 / 3

v)                  The density of a body depends upon the                                            of the body.

vi)                Human ear can not hear sound of frequency greater than                              and is known as             __________ .

vii)              Smaller unit of intensity level of sound is                                           .

viii)            The radius of curvature of a spherical mirror is                                   focal length.

ix)                Electric intensity is a                            quantity.

x)                  ______________ is a brain of a computer.


Q No. 3.          State the working principle of A. C generator.                                                                       (05)


Q No. 4.          What is the difference b/w sound & light waves? Also define stationary waves.                 (05)


Q No. 5.          What is a capacitor? Define the unit of capacitance.                                                              (05)


Page – 3 / 3



Q No. 6.          Define Kilowatt hour.                                                                                                             (05)


Q No. 7.          Derive the formula for electrical energy.                                                                                 (05)



Q No. 8.          Define:            i).         Diffraction     ii).        Refraction      iii).       Nuclear Fission          (05)


Page – 1 / 3


ENTRANCE EXAMINATION (11TH CLASS) 2012                Marks: 50


Roll No:                                                                      Name:                                                                                     





QNo1 (18)








Paper :Biology

(Use same sheet for answers)


Q No. 1.         Encircle the correct answer from the given options.                                               (18)

i).         The most primitive group of vascular plants are.

a). Bryophyta              b). Psilopsida               c).Lycopsida               d).Pteropsida

ii)         Plasmalysis makes cells

a). Turgid                    b). Flaccid                   c). Enlarge       d). Remain unchanged

iii).       All of the following belong to coelenterates except

a). Sea anemone          b). Sea urchin              c).Corals          d). Jelly fish

iv).       The total number of ribs in human beings

a). 12                           b). 13                           c).24                d). 26

v).        Medula oblongata a part of brain controlls

a). Digestion                b). Water balance        c). Sleep          d). Movement of body

vi).       Fright, fight, flight hormone is

a). Adrenalin               b). Insulin                    c).Thyroxine    d).Parathormone

vii).      Sericulture refers to

a). Poultry                   b). Honey bees            c).Silkworm     d).Fishery

viii).     Total number of nucli in the embryosac of the flowering plants is

a). 7                             b). 8                             c).3                  d). 4

ix).       All are the parts of forebrain except

a). Cerebrum               b). Cerebellum             c).Thalamus     d). Hypothalamus

x).        Rod shaped bacteria are known as

a). Cocci                      b). Vibrio                     c).Bacilli          d).Trichome

xi).       Carbohydrates are finally digested in small intestine by enzymes

a). Lipase                     b). Ptyline                    c).Trypsin        d). Amylopsin

xii).      All are conifers except

a). Pines                       b). Firs                         c).Junipers       d).Ginkgos

xiii).     Expired air from lungs contains oxygen

a). 4 %                         b). 16 %                       c).20 %            d). 0.04 %

xiv).     Which one of the following is ethyl alcohol

a). C3 H4 O3                 b). C2 H5 O H              c).C6 H12 O      d). C3 H6 O

xv).      Radula is present in

a). Earthworm             b). Ostrich                   c).Snail            d). Starfish


Page – 2 / 3

                        xvi).     H I V virus has the

a). Rod shape  b). Tadpole shape        c). Spherical    d). Phage shape

xvii).    Mitosis is absent in one of the following

a). Bacteria         b). Humans   c).Earthworm  d). Starfish

xviii).   The evolutionary history of an organism is called

a). Paleontalogy             b). Phylogeny                       c).Linage         d). Ontogeny


Q No. 2.          Write short answers of the following questions.                                                                 (32)

            i).         Differentiate between universal donor and universal recipient blood group.











            ii).        Write the function of A.D.H hormone.


            iii).       Why colour blindness is rare in females than males.?


            iv).       Make a cross b/w    Rr  xRr .










Page – 3 / 3

            v).        How inhalation occurs?


vi).       Write the end products of glycolysis.


            vii).      Write down the building blocks of Starches, Proteins and Fats.


            viii).     Write human dental formula.


























Page – 1 / 3


ENTRANCE EXAMINATION (11TH CLASS) 2012                Marks: 50


Roll No:                                                                      Name:                                                                                     





QNo1 (15)

QNo 2 (15)

QNo3 (10)

QNo4 (05)

QNo 5 (05)









Paper :Mathematics

(Use same sheet for answers)

Q No. 1.          Fill in the blanks.                                                                                                                   (15)

i).         The complement of { } is …………………

ii).        Additive inverse of      is ………………

iii).       x2 – 5x + 6 = ( x – 2 ) ( ……………)

iv).       The corresponding elements of equal matrices are  …………….

v).        In ……………….  triangle, the angles at the base are congruent.

vi).       The standard form of a linear equation in one variable is  ………………… .

vii).      The chord passing through the centre of the circle is called ……………….. .

viii).     The perpendicular bisector of a chord of a circle passes through  ………………  of the circle.

ix).       The solution set of  │ X  │ =   ̶  2     is  ……………………..

x).        In general, the matrices do not posses   …………….. property w.r.t multiplication.

xi).       If three lines pass through the same point then the lines are called …………………. .

xii).      Point   ( 3 , -2 )  lies in the ………………..quadrant.

xiii).     The number of medians of a triangle are …………………… .

xiv).     The medians of triangle intersect each other in the ratio ………………………. .

xv).      The exponential form of log2  x = 5 is …………………. .


Q No. 2.          Tick (ü  )   the correct answer.                                                                                            (15)

i).         If ( x – 2 , 1 ) = ( -3 , 1 ) then the value of x is ………………. .

a).   – 1                         b).   3                           c).1                  d).– 5

ii).        The numbers which can be written in the form of p / q are called……………… number.

a). Irrational                b).   Rational               c).real  d).   even

iii).       If   log2 x = 5 then the value of x is  ………………. .

a).  64                          b).   16                         c).32                d).  8

iv).       There exist closure property w.r.t ……………… { 0 . 1 }.

a). addition                  b). subtraction             c). division                  d). multiplication

v).        for what value of ‘m’ the expression   x2 + 4x + m    is complete square.

a). 4                             b). 8                             c).16                            d). 2

vi).       If       is a singular matrix then the value of x is ………………. .

a). – 6                          b).  0                            c).6                              d). 12

vii).      If a transversal cuts two parallel lines then the pair of corresponding angles are …………

a). one                         b). two                         c). three                       d). four

Page – 2 / 3

            viii).     A geometrical figure having four equal sides and no right angle is called ………………..

a). square                     b). triangle                   c).   rhombus               d). parallelogram

ix).       Sin 60o is equal to  ………………… .

a).                           b).                            c).                              d).   1

x).        If diameter of a circle is 14 inches then 44 inches is the ………………… of that circle.

a).  area                        b).  radius                    c).  circumference        d).  radial segment

xi).       The third proportion of a2 and b is  ………………… .

a)      ab              b).                              c).     a2b2                        d).

xii).      The arithmetic mean of   -3  ,  -4  ,  -8 is  …………………… .

a).  – 5                         b).  ̶                            c).5                              d).

xiii).     Only  ………………… can pass through one point.

a).  three lines              b).  two lines               c).  one lines                d).  infinite lines

xiv).     ………………. is the characteristic of    log 729.05

a).  2                            b).  ̶  2                          c).  1                            d).  – 1

xv).      If one angle of any triangle is obtuse angle then each of the remaining angles will be ………….

a).  one acute and one obtuse     b).  one acute and right angle   c). both acute    d).  both obtuse


Q No. 3.          Encircle T for True and F for False for the following.                                                     (10)

i).         If a transversal intersect two coplanar lines and corresponding angles are congruent then lines are parallel.                                                                                                                        (  T  /  F  )

ii).        Diagonals of a rectangle are congruent.                                                                      (  T  /  F  )

iii).       The line segment joining the midpoints of two sides of triangle is equal to the third side.(  T /  F)

iv).       The medians of a triangle meet at two points.                                                            (  T  /  F  )

v).        Any point on the right bisector of a line segment is equidistant from its end points.            (  T  /  F  )

            vi).       The sum of the measures of any two sides of a triangle is equal to the measure of the third side.

(  T  /  F  )

vii).      From a point outside a line, the perpendicular is the shortest distance from the point to the line.                                                                                                                                        (  T  /  F  )

viii).     If two triangle are similar then the measures of their corresponding sides are not proportional.                                                                                                                                           (  T  /  F  )

ix).       Perpendicular bisector of a chord of a circle passes through the centre of the circle.(  T  /  F  )

x).        One and only one circle can pass through three non – collinear points.                     (  T  /  F  )








Page – 3 / 3

Q No. 4.          Solve    =                                                                                                            (05)



















Q No. 5.          Factorize        4x4  +  81                                                                                                         (05)



















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