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47th  ENTRY TEST – 2011

(Paper –  English)

Time: 1 Hour                                                                                                              Total Marks:100


Note:   Write down answers only to save time. Avoid cutting and overwriting.


QNo. 1:            (a).      Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions:                                                             (20)

(i).        Aurangzeb succeeded                          the throne of Shah Jehan.

(ii).       He died                         Cancer.

(iii).      I am aware                    his weaknesses.

(iv).      Our Headmaster has been relieved                  his duties.

(v).       He rejoiced                   my success.

(vi).      He presented me                     a fine wrist watch.

(vii).     I take pride                   my son.

(viii).     You must profit                                     my advice.

(ix).      Every boarder is provided                                 a bedding in the hostel.

(x).       This scheme is open                             many objections.


            (b).      Change the Voice:                                                                                                         (4)

(i).        Somebody stole my pen.

(ii).       You bade him goodbye.


            (c).      Change the Narration:                                                                                                  (6)

(i).        “Look at the blackboard. I shall send you out if you do not pay attention”, said the teacher to a student.

(ii).       He shouted, “What a fantastic shot he has played!”


                        (d).      Use correct form of verb:                                                                                              (4)

(i).        The tyre finally                                     .           ( Burst )

(ii).       Ali had               for many miles before he reached the canal. (Ride )

(iii).      He                     too much air into the balloon. ( Blow )

(iv).      But soon the well                      dry.     ( Run )


QNo. 2:            Do as directed:                                                                                                                         (20)

(i).        A gentleman is known by the company he keeps. (Rewrite after changing the gender)

(ii).       A monkey is fond of mischief.  ( Rewrite after changing the number )

(iii).      Trust ( Add Prefix ), Hope ( Add suffix )

(iv).      The waiter                     the table nicely.          ( Use   “sat” or “set” )

(v).       As soon as he saw the robber, he informed the Police.           (Begin with “No sooner” )

(vi).      I have done this work yesterday.                     ( Correct this sentence )

(vii).                             being abused, he was beaten.(Fill the blank with “Beside or Besides”)

(viii).                 higher you go              more tired you feel.    ( Insert appropriate articles )

(ix).      Analysis , Virtue           ( Write the opposite )

(x).       ‘Up’      (Write the other two degrees of this adjective)


QNo. 3:            Use the following words in your own sentences.                                                                 (10)

(i).       Bled     (ii).      Hung       (iii).  Boast     (iv).   Idol      (v).      Conceal


QNo. 4:            Write a letter to your pen friend living in England describing the two Eids celebrated by the Muslims.                                                                                                                                      (15)


QNo. 5:            Write an Essay of about 100 to 150 words describing the important cities of Pakistan.          (15)


QNo. 6:            Translate into English                                                                                                               (6)



47th  ENTRY TEST – 2011

(Paper  Mathematics)

Time: 1 Hour                                                                                                              Total Marks:100


Note: Use of calculator is not allowed.


Q. No. 1           Fill in the blanks.                                                                                                                  (36)

i.          A rhombus has all its …………………… equal.

ii.         3 hours 25 minutes and 30 seconds are equal to …………minutes.

iii.        If a pipe whose diameter is 2 inches, fills a water tank in 6 hours, then the pipe whose diameter is 4 inches will fill the same water tank in …………….  hours.

iv.        In parallelogram, opposite …….. as well as opposite ………..  are equal.

v.         If   2 * 3 = 5  and   7 * 9 = 62   then   9 * 12 =  ………….. .

vi.        What comes next        3 , 5 , 9 , 17 ……………….. .

vii.       200% of  …………..  is 80.

viii.      ………..  is the smallest fraction among     ,  .

ix.         in decimal form is equal to  ..……. ..

x.         Two prime numbers whose sum is 111 are ………  and ………..

xi.        387 is ……. …… percent of 900.

  1. xii.          When ………………  is added to its triple, the result is 44.


Q. No. 2    Simplify     4 ¸  [  ( 1  –   )  ×  ( 3  –  2 ) ¸ 3 + 1  )  ]                 (12)


Q. No. 3    Solve                       – (  – x )  =                                                                      (12)


Q. No. 4    Simplify                 0.5 ÷ 0.2 + ( 0.1  ×  2.3 + 0.4 ) – ( 3.9  ×    ÷   )                                      (12)


Q. No. 5    Divide                    ( x4  – 3x2y2  + y4 )   by  ( x2 + xy  – y2 )                                                              (10)


Q. No. 6    The numerator of a fraction is 6 less than the denominator. If the sum of numerator and

denominator is 22. Then find the denominator.                                                                    (8)


Q. No. 7    Construct a Parallelogram whose sides are 5.5 cm and 4 cm and whose length of one

       diagonal is 6.5 cm.                                                                                                                         (10)






46TH ENTRY TEST –  2010


Time: 1 Hour                              ( PAPER ENGLISH )                                         Marks: 100

Note:        Write down answers only to save time. Avoid cutting and overwriting.


Q. No. 1   a.     Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions (Write prepositions only)                   (20)


(1)      He will never agree                   my proposal.

(2)      They were afflicted                    great pain.

(3)      He is confident                          his success.

(4)      I called                          him yesterday.

(5)      The strike was called                .

(6)      Beware                          the dangers.

(7)      He was angry                me.

(8)      He is not fit                   this job.

(9)      Cows feed                     grass.

(10)    The police fired                         the thief.


b.    Change the Voice                                                                                                         (4)


(1)      Does he spin the ball?

(2)      You were swinging the ball.


     c.    Change the narration                                                                                                  (6)


(1)      He said to me, “When did you teach me this lesson?”

(2)      I said to her, “ You were not speaking well.”


Q. No. 2           Do as directed                                                                                                              (20)


(a)       He forbade me to go there.                             ( Correct it )

(b)       He swung the ball.                                           ( Change into interrogative )

(c)       If you had asked me I              .                       ( Complete it )

(d)       He (to be) suffering from malaria today.          (Use the correct form of verb)

(e)       He is                             university student.      ( Use the correct article )

(f)       Witch, Duke                                                     ( Change the gender )

(g)       Lice, Chief                                                        ( Change the number )

(h)      Hide,   Front                                                     ( Write the opposite )

(j)       “Greatful”   and  “Monkies”                              (Correct the spellings )

(k)       “Interesting”                ( Write comparative and superlative degrees )


Q.No. 3            Use the following words in your own sentences.                                                     (10)


a.  Loose           b.  Advice            c.  Already              d.  Seek            e.   Peace


Q.No. 4 A friend who lived nearby has moved to another city. Write a letter giving       (15)

him recent news about your class and ask him about his new home,

neighbourhood and classmates.

Q.No. 5             Write an essay of about 75 – 100 words about your uncle describing        (15)

his personality and habits.

Q.No. 6    a.      Rewrite the following sentences after making proper corrections and                  (4)

putting the punctuation.


(1)      the traveller said can you tell me the way to the nearest inn.

(2)      his father said what a terrible thing it is to part with you.


     b.    Translate into English:                                                                                                (6)







46th  ENTRY TEST – 2010

(Paper  Mathematics)

Time: 1 Hour                                                                                                              Total Marks:100


Note: Use of calculator is not allowed.


Q. No. 1           Fill in the blanks.                                                                                                                  (36)


i.          If  75 % of a number is 400, then number is ……………………

ii.         ………………… % of 55 is 13 20

iii.        1   in decimal form is equal to ……………………. .

iv.         is equal to ……………………………….. .

v.         2   + 1.25 is equal to……………………………….. .

vi.        Square root of 9.1204 is  …………………………….. .

vii.       The fraction ……………….. is smallest among   –5/6   ,   -9/11   ,   -11/13.

viii.      3  is ……………  35  (less than / greater than ).

ix.        What comes next    1 , 9 , 25 , 49 , ..……                                  .

x.         Next prime number after 577 is ……… .

xi.        Three consecutive natural numbers whose sum is 57 are ……. , …… , ……

  1. xii.          If sum of two angles of a triangle is 60o, then measure of 3rd angle of the

triangle is ………………  degrees.


Q. No. 2    Simplify    ¸  [   ¸   {   +  ¸  (    +  ) } ]                               (12)


Q. No. 3    Divide  (x4 – x2 + 4x – 4)  by  (x2 – x + 2) and multiply the answer by (3 – x)       (10)


Q. No. 4    Solve               –   =    –                                                                                (12)


Q. No. 5    Simplify     53.41 – 4.57 + { 6.345 +  3.5 ( 3.456  –  1.73  ) –  0.05  }                            (12)


Q. No. 6    Aslam has 25 sweets and Tahir has 55. How many sweets must Aslam give to Tahir

so that Tahir will have 4 times as many sweets as Aslam.                                                              (8)


Q. No. 7    Construct a quadrilateral PQRS where PQ = 6.5 cm , QR = 4.8 cm , RS = 8.5 cm ,

       mÐQ = 75o and mÐR = 90o. Measure the length of PS.                                                    (10)

Note: Use of protractor is not allowed ).

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