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December, 2013 |
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Edexcel to introduce modern trends of education

ISLAMABAD, Dec 21 (APP): Over 150 primary teachers were imparted skill development training in a two-day training workshop by internationally acclaimed education trainers. The seminar was focused on introduction to the subject, scope, division of the syllabus, schemes of work, effective teaching approaches, and optimum use of resources, exam preparation, understanding scheme and helpful exam tips for students. The workshop was organized by Edexcel International to equip the teachers  with international trends of primary education. Trainers from UK,  Chandani Deepika Peris, De Silva Wijewickrama Ekanayake and Gebalange  Priyani Jayasekera conducted the workshop.

Such training programmes  enable the teachers to understand the best practices adopted in the  developed world. The teachers would replicate the best practices to  transfer the skill to young students of aged between 3-6 years. Considering in mind the limited exposure of teachers about the international  Education methods, Edexcel launched these training programmes which will enable teachers to deliver lectures in a friendly atmosphere. Edexcel primary curriculum gives pupils a well-rounded education, whilst  enabling their teachers and parents to easily monitor their progress.  With a focus on English, Mathematics and Science subjects, the trainers  focused on hands-on training to the teachers to implement framework for a full, engaging and inspiring curriculum. Premila Paulraj Canitius,  Assistant Vice President, Edexcel Academics - Subcontinent said: “We are committed to bring a revolution in the field of Education in Pakistan.  Such sessions would be first step towards true literacy in the country.” Faisal Mahmood, Regional Development Manager, Edexcel International, said that teachers are energetic and intend to educate the youth and Edexcel is  only facilitating them to learn the best practices.  (SOURCE app)

Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Dear Student,
Please find new scholarships for students from Pakistan.
New list of scholarships is available here Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2013.
New Pakistan Scholarships
IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology for IDB Member Countries, 2014/15
Each year, Islamic Development Bank awards Merit Scholarship Programme for the students from IDB Member Countries. Scholarships are awarded to pursue research and study. [Read More]
Pakistan Merit Postgraduate Scholarships at University of Sheffield in UK, 2014
The University offers a range of scholarships for Pakistani students. Scholarships are available for the students who show exceptional academic potential starting a postgraduate Taught Masters programme. [Read More]
2014 Management School MSc Scholarships at Sheffield University in UK
Sheffield University Management School is offering 30 MSc scholarships for applicants of America, India, Pakistan, Africa and Middle East/Far East. [Read More]
International Excellence Postgraduate Taught Scholarships at Swansea University in UK, 2014
Swansea University offers international excellence scholarships for postgraduate students. The students of Colombia and Brazil, USA, Canada, UK , China, Norway, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Nepal, Turkey, Indonesia and other countries (except EU) can apply. [Read More]
Setsutaro Kobayashi Memorial Fund Research Grants for Foreign Students in Japan, 2014
Applications are invited for research grants in the field of Humanities (Cultural Science) or Social Sciences. Research relates to the themes that help in deepen the researcher's understanding. [Read More]
GPTS Doctoral Scholarships for European and Asian Students in Germany, 2014
University of Heidelberg under Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies is offering doctoral scholarships to European and Asian students. [Read More]
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To gain practical experience in a short span of time P & G is offering internship especially for Pakistani students in Karachi & Sind.
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Cadet College Kallar Kahar Admission Notice

Admissions Cadet College Kallar Kahar admits sharp and brilliant students after conducting an entery test followed by an interview in Class VIII and Class XI. College Admissions for Class VIII are mostly open in 1st Week of January and admissions for Class XI are mostly open in 1st week of May or June. The exact dates of admissions are announced through newspapers and college website. Last Date to Submit Application for Class VIII =25 December, 2013 Entry Test Date = 5 January, 2014 Last Date to Submit Application for Class XI =To be announced Entry Test Date = To be announced Note: Please mail application form available on the website along with Original bank draft worth Rs. 1200/- in favour of Cadet College Kallar Kahar to Principal on College Postal Address. Applications sent after the last date of application submission will not be entertained. The College was initially set up only to meet the needs of the local boys. However, due to pressing demand from interested parents, it was converted into a residential institution, with some seats reserved for the deserving local boys. The main entry point is class 8th. However, subject to availability of vacancies, a few boys are taken in XI class as well. There are five classes in all (8th to 12th), with three sections each except class 8th, which has four sections. The admission is carried out through an entrance test, an interview followed by a medical checkup. It is purely on merit. Orphans and other deserving boys are given generous scholarship; some even get totally free education. The admission is open to all Pakistanis, besides two seats are reserved for W&R Dte for wards of officers/JCOs/OR and three to four from FATA under President’s Scheme. However, due consideration is given to the boys from the backward areas. A large majority of our students are from the Punjab, a good number from the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and some from Azad Kashmir. The dominant number is from Faisalabad, Sialkot and Rawalpindi division. Accidents/Mishaps The College will adopt all possible measures for the safety of the cadets during their stay in the College. However, the College shall not be held responsible for any kind of accident/mishap causing any kind of physical harm or injury. Leave/Holidays Policy is as appended below :- a. Leave other than the holidays authorised by the College will not be granted except in extreme compassionate cases. b. For every term, there will be a fixed number of week-ends that cadets may avail themselves of. c. Leave/closed holidays and vacations will be indicated in the Calendar of Events, to be issued to each cadet on admission


Lahore General Hospital – Admission in Dialysis Technician Course Session 2013-14

Government of Punjab, Health Department has announced admission for Dialysis Technician Course Session 2013-2014 in Lahore general Hospital Lahore.

Last Date to Submit Applications = December 26, 2013

Date of Interview = December 28, 2013

List of Successful Candidates and Waiting List = December 29, 2013

Start of Classes = January 1, 2014


Education: Pakistan’s ‘ghost schools’ threaten next generation

CHANCHER REDHAR: In a decrepit white-walled classroom in southern Pakistan, Bushra valiantly struggles to keep discipline as a dozen girls run and scream around her. With no teacher for the past eight months, the 10-year-old has been forced to step in.

“I teach them lessons from the Quran, I teach them Sindhi, I teach them to count one-two, I teach them the alphabet A-B-C-D,” said Bushra, wearing a traditional nose stud and a scarf around her head. She says she dreams of becoming a doctor and learning about computers.

But her academic ambitions risk being scuppered after her own teacher fled. Authorities have not appointed a new one, making Bushra’s situation typical for a student at one of Pakistan’s 7,000 so-called “ghost schools”, where no formal classes can be taught.

These abandoned pupils are part of a growing education crisis in the country where, according to the United Nations, over five million children do not attend primary school.

“The last teacher told us she would stop coming if we did not pay for her transportation to the village,” said Salim Samoon, who has seven granddaughters at the school catering for the roughly 600 residents of Chancher Redhar, a village two hours drive from Karachi in the south of Pakistan.

“But we have no money and the authorities have not appointed a new teacher,” he said.

The damage caused by “ghost schools” across Pakistan, such as the one in Chancher Redhar, is self-inflicted: a new generation of children growing up without an education, either because the schools have been abandoned, destroyed, or because teachers are not turning up.

“Maybe the media highlights the bombings of schools more because it is visible. But this is a more dangerous problem,” said Rahmatullah Balal of the NGO Ailaan Alif, who has published a ranking of districts in terms of the quality of education available.

According to his ranking, the district of Thatta, home to Bushra and her classmates, lies in 140th position out of a total of 144.

Alerted last year to the problem of “ghost schools,” the Supreme Court of Pakistan asked provinces to scrutinise institutions that took students and were officially regarded as schools. The results, released in late November, where shocking.

“In most of the basic teaching units of the district, the situation is very alarming,” the report said.

“Most of these schools are teaching institutions only in name, but virtually no student is being admitted there to seek education and the teaching staff is taking salary at home.”

Along with teachers who received salary but did not teach, other schools failed to appoint teachers, were appropriated by wealthy landowners, or had budget irregularities, such as “paid-for” computers which never arrived.

“The government and bureaucrats have no willingness to solve the problem,” said Balal.

“The money that the government gives to the school is consumed by bureaucrats. The budget might tell you what the money has been used for in the schools, but you don’t see it get spent and then the money is gone.”

He says school funds are split “50-50″ between feudal lords and bureaucrats, partly to ensure that there is no threat to the feudal lords’ power base by seeing the poor receive education.

Those politicians who are actively trying to raise the issue say that it is not a priority for the government.

“We have to invest in our education because it is the only way to get progress,” said Humera Alwani of the Pakistan Peoples Party.

“You have to admit to a problem before you can correct it,” she said.

The existence of “ghost schools” also removes incentive for poor families to ensure their children get an education. Instead, many see more value in sending them to work in the fields or bazaars.

“I do not like this school, this is why I do not go,” said Arbab, not yet a teenager.

“I go to fetch and buy water, and then I sell it.”

Local residents worry another generation will grow up without the skills they need.

“These kids of ours, they don’t know anything. They don’t know the meaning of their names, they don’t know the basics, they know nothing,” said Kazoo Samoon, a villager in Chancher Redhar.

“My other daughter grew up without an education and now these children will grow up without any education.”

In the cramped class, Bushra’s attempted lesson is over in just a few minutes, ending with a rendition of the national anthem.

Then the girls continue to play as they have done every day since their teacher left, waiting for the arrival of another who may never come.  (express tribune)


Vacant position in schools must be filled SSA

Senior staff association Of Schools asks the vacant positions of schools must be filled in the schools ... The meeting is held in Govt. high School Rid ..... and the President and voice president participate in the meeting..


مالی بحران : بلوچستان یونیورسٹی کے اساتذہ نے کشکول خیراتی مہم شروع کر دی

کوئٹہ (نوائے وقت نیوز) بلوچستان یونیورسٹی کے مالی بحران کے حل کیلئے جوائنٹ ایکشن کمیٹی نے کشکول خیراتی مہم کا آغاز کردیا۔ خیراتی مہم کے سلسلے میں یونیورسٹی کے اساتذہ اور دیگر ملازمین ہاتھوں میں کشکول لے کر یونیورسٹی سے پیدل شہر کے مرکز میں ہاکی چوک پہنچے، جہاں انہوں نے عوام سے خیرات اکٹھی کرنا شروع کی۔ اس موقع پر رہنما جوائنٹ ایکشن کمیٹی پروفیسر کلیم اللہ بڑیچ کا کہنا تھا کہ یونیورسٹی کو شدید مالی بحران کاسامنا ہے، حکومت کچھ نہیں کررہی، ان کا یہ بھی کہنا تھا کہ کشکول مہم یونیورسٹی کے مالی بحران اور ملازمین کو تنخواہوں اور الاؤنسز کی عدم ادائیگی کی وجہ سے شروع کی۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ یونیورسٹی ملازمین کی ماہ نومبر کی تنخواہوں کے لئے بھی رقم میسر نہیں جبکہ اکتوبر کی نامکمل تنخواہیں بھی 20نومبر کے بعداداکی گئی تھیں۔ ان کا کہنا تھا کہ خیراتی مہم چھ دسمبر تک جاری رہے گی، اگر حکومت نے پھر بھی مسئلہ حل نہیں کیا تو یونیورسٹی ملازمین اجتماعی استعفیٰ پیش کردیں گے۔


Matric Annual 2014 Online Admission Started. Please use online system Menu to use

Matric Annual 2014 Online Admission Started. Please use online system Menu to use


Turkey supporting quality education in Pakistan: Governor Balochistan

ISLAMABAD, Dec 2 (APP): Governor Balochistan, Muhammad Khan Achakzai Monday said that Turkey is supporting many sectors in Pakistan while promoting quality education. He asked administration of Pak-Turk schools to pay special attention  to promotion of education in Balochistan to bring people out of poverty. The Governor said this while talking to the administration of Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges during a visit to the institution.

He said that the primary schooling is critically important especially for the children with illiterate parents who are not well-aware of the importance of schooling. Muhammad Khan Achakzai said that government is aware of importance of education therefore it is doing best to promote education but it needs help of organizations working selflessly to enlighten masses. Pak-Turk should open branches in all the districts of the province with special attention on deprived families in the remote areas, he added. He assured that government would extend every possible help and support to organizations working for a cause. Earlier, the Governor visited the campus, took interest in teaching process,  asked questions from teachers and students and gave valuable  suggestions. He was delighted to see smart boards, active tables and other latest educational tools. APP



FOLLOWING ARE PICS OF TEACHERS PROTEST      1483419_591593940921118_1488419903_n1473015_592833614130484_1598725462_n1472802_592499474163898_1478765016_n 1471295_592502307496948_760748553_n 1467420_592541587493020_349805796_n 1465334_592895200790992_28534037_n 1463735_592657644148081_1922352674_n 1461087_590771664336679_1796019839_n 1459139_592897534124092_828887678_n 1457461_592501817496997_1524276556_n 936520_592895174124328_2095406771_n